Pipat accepts Thai, has to pay extra 84 million to postpone the arrangement of Asian Indore.

Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn Minister of Tourism and Sports Thai people have to pay extra 84 million baht. Organize Asian Indoor and Social Art Games in Bangkok and Chonburi after having to postpone the competition.

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Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports Reveal the competition of Asian Indoor and Social Art Games 6th time in which Thailand Will be hosting the role in March. In 2022 in Bangkok and Chonburi province, there have been meetings preparing and adjusting work to be in line with the situation all the time.

Mr. Pipat said that the operation We manage the 6th Asian Indoor Sports Competition and Social Art Games that we originally placed and set the budget for the competition at 1,170 million baht, but after the outbreak. Of the new wave of COVID-19 causing the competition to be postponed from May 2021 to March 10-20, 2022, of course, it makes Thailand have an increased budget for management.

Minister of Tourism and Sports From the competition that had to be postponed to the next year As a result, we have to do and prepare an additional budget of 84 million baht, which will make the total budget for competition management at approximately 1,254 million baht

“For the competition management budget part It comes from the accumulated budget of the National Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), another part about 456 million won from the National Sports Development Fund. The rest or lack of it will use the annual budget of SAT. Which will be requested to be a budget proposal in the year 2022 budget “

For the 6th Asian Indoor and Social Art Games, 29 competitions are scheduled in total. The sports include indoor sports, Q Sport, bowling, dance, chess, futsal. , Roller Sport / Rock Climbing, Short Swimming, Boxing, Jujitsu, BMX Bike, Takraw through the Loop / Sepak Takraw, Kurash, Floorball, Netball, Taekwondo, Inner Hockey Umbrellas, Karate, E-sports, Minton, Panchakasi Lat, Cheerleading, Zambo, Indoor Rowing, Volleyball, Basketball 3X3, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Shooting by There are Techball and Indoor Air Sports Drones as demonstration sports.

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