Pinky Savika discovers DSI acknowledges 3 counts of FOREX-3D case

Pinky Savika Ruud meets DSI acknowledges 3 allegations of FOREX-3D sharing after detecting the financial path of the female protagonist and family. Get involved with the case

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There is a story for the actress’s family Pinky Savika Even stressed after previously having to clarify with the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) because the initial investigation found that the financial path of Pinky and his family was involved in the FOREX-3D share case.

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Latest (March 3, 2021) Spring News Reported that Pinky Savika, along with her mother and brother, met Mr. Piya Siriwattanawarangkun, the head of the Special Investigation Officer. Share Chain Case FOREX-3D To acknowledge the allegations in the special case No. 153/2562 in 3 counts:

1. Jointly borrow money that is fraudulent people.
2. Co-defraud the people.
3. Co-bring false information into computer systems causing damage to the public.

Mr. Piyasiri revealed that in such a case, Mr. Apirak Kotthi, the first accused with the co-fraudsters by advertising, persuaded the general public to join the investment. Through the Internet channel on the website And Facebook applications account names Apiruk Krub, Apiruk Kothi and FOREX-3D.

It claims that the money will be traded in various currency exchange rates (Forex), which offers a return of 60-80 percent of the profits gained from investing in currency trading. And 100% of the principal insurance that is invested in, causing many people to believe in applying for membership and investing with the accused.

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The advertisement of defrauding the people of the 1st respondent against them is false because of the fact that money is not invested in the currency exchange as claimed. But has the characteristics of bringing money from the people who invested that Or others to circulate to pay the public, investors or other lenders Causing many people to believe In which 9,692 victims appeared in the expressions worth the damage. 1,908,113,421.92 Baht

It has been reported from the DSI that In this period, the allegation process is being processed by several persons involved. By today, Pinky was called along with his family. To give evidence to the DSI investigator In which the Ministry of Justice will proceed to ensure fairness to all parties Therefore asked the person involved who received the summons to meet And asked to cooperate with the officials as well. Initially, Pinky and his family denied all the allegations.

Thanks to information from Spring News

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