“Pinko Mini Bags from the Click Line: Chic and Versatile Accessories for Any Occasion”

Pinko mini bags from the click line – modaeimmagine.it – photo pinko.com

Let yourself be conquered by the liveliness and liveliness of the Pinko mini bags. Let’s find out the price together.

Chic, super feminine and colourful, these are the characteristics of the bags made available by Pinko in the new collection. Not only that, these splendid accessories are appreciated for their versatility and small size.

In fact, the new collection is characterized by a large number of mini bags, practical and perfect for any occasion. Thanks to the vast choice, you can choose the one that best suits your needs or personal tastes.

A Made in Italy that for years has conquered its compatriots, who now can’t help but have a Pinko bag in their closet.

Available in various colors and different materials, the click linethe one we want to present to you today, is a perfect combination of elegance and class, embellished with sparkling and golden details.

La new collection super chic

From the most classic to the most rocker style, the new collection of the famous brand offers bags for all tastes. As they know fashion loversPinko loves to play with shapes and details and for this very reason you will not be disappointed by the new creations.

Established in the 80s by Pietro Negra and his wife Cristina Rubini, the company wanted to respond to an increasingly pressing need for best represent the female world, who was beginning to be more independent and daring. In short, they needed products that could represent a new woman, strong, but still with that feminine side that she wanted to show off. In a short time, the Italian brand began to gain some recognition, both in the Bel Paese and abroad.

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Pinko mini bags from the click line
Pinko mini bags from the click line – modaeimmagine.it – photo pinko.com

Le mini bags “click”

Today we want to introduce you to a couple of bags belonging to the click line. Colorful and super chic, these particular mini bags are perfect for any look, from the most elegant to the most casual. Certainly some types are more suitable for a more informal style, but this shouldn’t preclude you from wearing them when and where you want.

The first noteworthy handbag is the Mini Love Bag Denim covered with rhinestones and studs on the front. With a hidden automatic closure, the small accessory includes the iconic Love Birds Diamond Cut metal buckle. You can find the latter for sale at 395 euro. The second mini bag is the Mini Love Bag Full Strasswhich can be yours at the same price as the previous one. In leather, the bag is covered entirely with rhinestones and is available in both pink and black. Always including the famous buckle with the two birds, the mini bag includes a metal chain.

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