Pink October: Raising Awareness for Cervical and Breast Cancer in Hermosillo

Pink October: Raising Awareness for Cervical and Breast Cancer in Hermosillo

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- For Raise awareness in society about the importance of self-examination and timely diagnosis of cervical and breast cancercivil associations and agencies in the entity, will paint Hermosillo pink throughout the month of October.

Reyna Payan, president of Tocarte Es Amarte, expressed that During the month they will do different fundraising activities to support women with cancer, who are hospitalized or in a prostrate condition.

All week we have Zumba classes in different neighborhoods of Hermosillo, and women who attend can bring diapers, diapers or wet towels, and we are going to donate that to women with cancer who are already bedridden or hospitalized in Social Security. ”he explained.

The same association is going to have a self-exploration talk at the Woolworth store, located on Progreso and Solidaridad Boulevard on October 18, and a caravan against cancer on the 19thwhich will begin on Morelos and Progreso boulevards, and will culminate in Progreso and Quiroga.

“We want to do many activities to be able to get as many donations as possible,” he mentioned, “aside from the caravan and the talk, we are going to have an impersonator show at Casino Life on October 22, and we are starting the campaign with Casino Horus, where everything raised during the month in new or replacement cards will be donated to us,” he said.

Cucas Hermosillo, another of the oldest associations in the city, will hold a tribute today, at 3:00 p.m., on Radio Sonora to Marina Camacho and Paty Mada.

We are also going to read about 20 thoughts about what people tell us how they feel about cancer, they are messages that help us understand what the disease is like,” explained Evangelina López de Romo de Vivar, a member of the association, among other activities.

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