Pink Floyd legends David Gilmour and Roger Waters in heated war of words about Putin

7. feb. 2023 23:16 – Updated 7 Feb. 2023 23:38

Now the Russian authorities are asking for help from Roger Waters. The mission is to persuade the UN Security Council to request a halt in arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Waters is under fire after he published an open letter on his website in September. The letter was addressed to Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska.

Here, the rock legend argued against the Western supply of weapons to the regime in Kyiv.

On Tuesday, the news agency writes Reuters that Russia has asked Waters for a favor. The proposal is for Waters to try to convince the UN Security Council that Western arms deliveries to Ukraine will only prolong the war.

Provoked by charity single

Relations between Waters and guitarist David Gilmour have soured after being cool for decades. Now the enmity has flared up again after Waters’ alleged support for Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When Waters’ former bandmates in Pink Floyd released the song “Hey Hey Rise Up” last year, it spilled over for Waters.

The song is a charity single featuring Ukrainian musician Andriy Khlyvnyuk, who raised money for humanitarian charities to help those affected by the Russians’ brutal war of aggression.

– Proxy war makes me sad

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Russlands president Vladimir Putin.

– It encourages the continuation of the war. Pink Floyd is a name I used to be associated with. It was a big time in my life, a very big deal. Associating that name now with something like this… proxy war makes me sad. I will not raise a flag in this conflict. Not a Ukrainian flag, not a Russian flag, not an American flag, Waters added, writes the British music magazine New Musical Express.

– What will be the next ones? Mr. Bean?

Russia’s desire for the frontman of one of the world’s biggest rock bands to play a political role in the Great War in Europe does not go down well.

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– Russian diplomacy used to be serious. What will be next? Mr. Bean?, says a diplomat attached to the UN Security Council, who speaks on condition of anonymity, according to the agency.

Waters is also said to have teased Gilmour with several anti-Semitic statements. In an interview with the Berliner Zeitung, he is said to have revealed his views on Israel and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

In a translated version of the interview on Water’s own website, the musician was asked if he still believed that the state of Israel was comparable to Nazi Germany.

Calls the US “the biggest aggressor”

– Yes of course. The Israelis are committing genocide. Just like Britain did during our colonial period, states Waters.

He is said to have also criticized US President Joe Biden for his role in the war between Russia and Ukraine, calling America “the biggest aggressor”.

This has caused David Gilmour and his wife, the writer Polly Samson, to see red. They believe Waters has made himself Putin’s defender, and that the rock legend contributes to anti-Semitism. On Twitter, they have come up with a tirade of characteristics.

Several media have mentioned the case, among others The Guardian and Jerusalem Post.

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