Pinjol Office in Yogya Raided, 86 Arrested Including Manager

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia

A total of 86 people were arrested in a raid operation targeting an online loan company office (pinjol) was illegal in Samirono, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, DIY, Thursday (14/10) night.

The loan office, which was raided by the cyber team of the West Java Police Ditreskrimsus together with the DIY Regional Police, is located in a shophouse building with white-red paint and blue fences.

“We need to convey that this case began with the attention of the government who ordered the police and was ordered by the National Police Chief to take action against the perpetrators of the loan. online which is very troubling to the community,” said Director of the Special Criminal Investigation of the West Java Police Kombes Arief Rahman at the location.

The raid this time, according to Arief, was initiated by the report of a victim with the initials TM to the West Java Police.

“The person concerned is hospitalized because he feels depressed by the inhumane suppression measures of the loan” online that,” added Arief.

From TM’s report, the officers immediately carried out the development and managed to track down the location of the office of the loan company whose services were used by the victim, namely on Prof. Herman Yohanes Street, Samirono, Caturnunggal, Depok District, Sleman, DIY.

Together with the DIY Regional Police, a team from the West Java Regional Police went to the location and carried out raids last night.

“Well from there we secured it, at this TKP we secured 83 operators in quotes debt collector, two HRD, and one manager,” said Arief.

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From inside the building, officers also secured 105 PCs, 105 cell phones, and several other related evidences.

“Interestingly, one person debt collector this is based on mix and match, Among digital evidence that we got from the victim with what is here, and that fix. So, digital evidenceIt’s very relevant,” said Arief.

During operation, the company used 23 applications for loan services online and all of them are not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). There is only one legal application called One Hope from PT. Sentosa Indonesia Technology.

“One registered application is only to deceive, as if this is a legal (service),” said Arief.

His party together with the DIY Regional Police will still carry out an investigation to find out since when this company has been operating, calculate the losses of the victims, and the workings of the people behind this company’s desk.

All detailed information, said Arief, will be presented through an official release at the West Java Police Headquarters after further investigation.

“Tonight we will conduct a crime scene first to the maximum, we cannot provide a more in-depth and detailed explanation,” he concluded.

The pinjol office is now in the line of police security. Several officers were seen guarding the area.

Previously, the police also raided a number of loan offices in Jakarta and Tangerang. The previous prosecutions for borrowing often only targeted debt collectors. The DPR also asked the authorities to hunt down investors.

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