Pimec asks to suspend employment and salary to workers without covid certificate

  • The general secretary of Pimec, Josep Ginesta, defends this measure to create safe work spaces

  • The employer estimates that around 350,000 Catalan workers are still not vaccinated

The general secretary of Pimec, Josep Ginesta, has asked suspend employment and salary to workers who do not have a covid certificate. That is, both those who do not have a complete vaccination schedule and those who do not have a diagnostic test with a negative result.

“When a worker decides neither to get vaccinated nor to be tested to access the workplace, or collaborate in the common interest or health of all, since that the employment contract is suspended and the person stop receiving your salary“, Ginesta said this Sunday in an interview with the station Rac1.

The Pimec spokesman has defended that this measure “does not limit individual rights“, but it strengthens the groups and the common interest, and favors that the work centers are low contagion spaces. Ginesta has also proposed establishing a control mechanism a through a mobile application that “check the person’s status“Because, according to him, there are still some 350,000 Catalan workers are not vaccinated.

According to the Europa Press agency, during the interview Ginesta has argued that in some countries teleworking does not exempt from getting vaccinated and that workers who do not want to receive the vaccine have to pay out of your own pocket screening tests, which are valid for between 48 and 72 hours, depending on the type of test performed.

For Ginesta, the obligatory nature of the covid certificate in the workplace would reinforce the security of these spaces and reduce the risk of contagion. Likewise, the employer’s spokesperson claims that this regulation could become a “incentive” for workers to get vaccinated and thus achieve a broader group immunity.

Proposal on the table

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Pimec’s request is not the first, nor will it surely be the last, raised by the compulsory covid certificate in workspaces. At the beginning of October, without going any further, Foment del Treball demanded from the Government the possibility of establishing mandatory vaccination of workers against the coronavirus. “The progressive return to presence from workers to workplaces and the overwhelming evidence on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines points the way to the opportunity to normalize the compulsory nature of vaccines to all citizens who want recover the habits of daily life prior to the health crisis, “the organization said at the time.

At this time, according to the records of the ‘conselleria’ de Salut, 73.5% of Catalans they already have a complete immunization schedule against the coronavirus. Although the numbers of the pandemic have been in decline for a few weeks, Catalonia still diagnoses hundreds of covid-19 cases a day. This Sunday, for example, they have been detected 291 new infections and 3 more deaths from this disease. Meanwhile, Catalan hospitals continue to treat 347 patients affected by coronavirus, of which at least 91 are in a critical situation.



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