Pilgrimage to Pontmain: between celebrations and homage to Father Olivier Maire

“The pilgrimage is the moment when we can remember the difficult moments of these last months, whether it be the health crisis, climatic catastrophes or personal difficulties”, launches Mgr Thierry Scherrer, the bishop of Laval, following the 10:30 am mass.


In his prayer intention, the bishop of Laval wished to pay homage to Father Olivier Maire, killed on August 9, 2021 in Vendée. He then explains: “It was all the more important to pray in his memory as the Montfortian community regularly comes to Pontmain. In this prayerful intention, we honor his memory and his life that he devoted to others. “

He also prayed for all the victims of the recent disasters linked to climate change.. “We wanted a celebration of the Assumption synonymous with peace, benevolence and hope. “

Usual security protocol

The security protocol is identical to previous years. According to Commander Savineau, “About fifteen gendarmes were mobilized, some of them in civilian clothes. About ten soldiers from Operation Sentinel are patrolling. But nothing in particular following the events of last week ”. The day has ended ” without incidents ».

A specific year

2021 is a jubilee year. According to the Church, Notre-Dame de Pontmain appeared to children in the village 150 years ago in 1871. This year, the pilgrimage took place without a sanitary pass, except for religious gatherings, but exclusively outdoors on the esplanade of the basilica with a retransmission inside.

The pilgrims at the rendezvous

Almost 3,000 people gathered for the morning mass. Some arrive along the way, others, many, have provided their folding chairs. The other highlight of the day is the Marian procession. As every year at the pilgrimage to Pontmain, a procession is organized in the Oblate park. The procession takes shape on the esplanade of the basilica after the rosary and vespers. In the middle is a statue of Mary followed by the clergy.

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