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Pilatus: great annual exercise, but partial unemployment at 20% in early 2020

The aircraft manufacturer Pilatus signed a solid financial year 2019 and won a large contract with the Spanish Air Force in early 2020, but was forced to introduce short-time working which still affects nearly 20% of its employees, seen the coronavirus.

The turnover of the aircraft manufacturer in central Switzerland rose 7.1% to 1.17 billion francs, while operating profit (Ebit), which stood at 153 million, is practically the same level than in the previous financial year (157 million), according to a press release published on Friday.

Order intake rose 11.5% to 1.13 billion francs.

In view of these results, the employees of the aircraft manufacturer were granted a bonus equivalent to almost 1.5 times their monthly salary.

Employee bonus

With 2,289 full-time employees towards the end of 2019, the staff has slightly increased.

Fiscal 2020 looks set to be difficult due to the coronavirus crisis. Despite an order of more than 2 billion francs from the Spanish Air Force won in the first months of the year, Pilatus had to resort to short-time working.

Supply chains remain disrupted, which requires a continuous reassessment of the situation. However, for

Oscar Schwenk, the president of Pilatus, “it is reassuring to know that the financial reserves set aside in the past will make it possible to face the current crisis for the preparation for a clean landing and a new takeoff towards the future”.

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