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Pierre Gasly believes he is a ‘much more complete’ driver than he was at Red Bull Racing and ready for a move to F1’s top team.

Pierre Gasly has regained his reputation in F1 after being fired from Red Bull Racing after just 12 races. He wasn’t the first Red Bull junior driver to find Red Bull Racing’s hot seats a little too hot, but Gasly has shown quality at AlphaTauri.

Since returning to Red Bull’s sister team, Pierre Gasly has scored two podiums, along with his maiden F1 victory at Monza. This is the work Gasly does, and every time an empty seat becomes available, Gasly’s name is one of the first to be tied to the vacant seat.

That situation happened again with the Alpine F1 team seat left vacant after Fernando Alonso moved to Aston Martin F1 and Oscar Piastri publicly denied the offer. Pierre Gasly said it was “fun” to watch the speculation as he knows the situation with Red Bull has been clarified after Red Bull Racing announced a contract extension for Sergio Perez.

“They (Red Bull) still have a year left on their contract,” Gasly told Motorsport Italia.

“I think there were a lot of rumors about my name because Red Bull had not yet clearly announced my plans, at least I think so.”

“There were a lot of ‘rumors that Gasly was going back to Red Bull’. We also talked about it with Helmut[Marko]because we always meet every year to discuss the future, beyond the contract in force. And he said they wanted me to stay in Alpha Tauri.”

“After signing with Perez, they wanted me to stay where I am. We will continue until my contract expires. Next year will be my 10th year as a Red Bull driver. It’s unbelievable. After that? What happens? Let’s see if

It’s been three years since Pierre Gasly last drove for Red Bull Racing’s top team, but Gasly describes himself as a ‘much more accomplished driver’ and is now better suited to the challenge. thinking.

“After just one season in Formula 1, I got promoted to Red Bull. Then they saw my potential and gave me a great opportunity,” said the 26-year-old.

“If I think about it now, after five years in Formula 1, I’m a much more complete driver.”

“I have more experience, I am more efficient in working with the team, I know exactly what I want from the car and my feedback is clearer. You grow and you learn. ”

“I think we have shown that we have grown in a midfield car and achieved good results. I have a lot of respect for AlphaTauri but there is always a gap to the top teams. We have shown that it is possible and even winning is not impossible.”

“I think we had a very consistent season last year and we wanted to prove that we can score team points in both qualifying and in the race. It has been my most successful year as a driver with AlphaTauri and it has been a series of beliefs since returning to the team. I think it was important to prove that we put together an incredible race and a memorable day.”

But Pierre Gasly has been forced to endure one of his most difficult seasons to date. Gasly says he will spend the second half of the season working towards 2023.

“I’m already working towards 2023. I know I’ll be at AlphaTauri until November 2023 and what I’m doing now will help me next year.”

“I’m not saying we have to give up on aiming for big results this year, but every small step, every feedback I can provide, every direction I’m pushing the team, It will affect next year’s car.”

“That’s why I look at it from that perspective. As a driver, I always give it my all, but I can’t deny that it’s more fun when you’re fighting for the podium than when you’re aiming for 15th.”

“Right now we are in transition. Last year was great, this year is much more difficult. But it’s moments like this that we need to come together and I’m doing the best I can in my role. We want to move forward as a team and get back to where we were last year.”

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