Pierluisi criticizes the “low politics” of Wanda Vázquez for the primary

The pre-candidate for governor Pedro Pierluisi He lashed out at Governor Wanda Vázquez, whom he accused of leading a “bajuna” campaign against him, nuanced by the comments made by the first executive last Friday in which he alluded to the possible responsibility of the former resident commissioner for a series of Lost and found in La Fortaleza.

That borders on the ridiculous, and what it denotes me makes me feel sorry. Denotes lack of experience. That is low politics, low politics. So I say that I feel sorry. Who thought to suggest that, because I don’t know. But how is it possible that 11 months after being in the governorate, when he ordered an inventory and an audit, and receives a letter from the former governor (Ricardo) RoussillonBecause basically all you have to do is answer the letter and express yourself on the subject and clarify what you have to clarify. But bring me by the hair, if everyone knows that I was there scarcely five days, that the ex-governor’s move occurred before I got there, that the transition reports were requested and that I was the coordinator before I got there ” Pierluisi said this morning in an aside with the press during a campaign event in Cataño.

In recent weeks, La Fortaleza personnel reported to the Police that objects such as corrals for infants, furniture for children and electronic items, allegedly bought with public funds while Rosselló occupied the Executive Mansion, they had disappeared.

On Friday, meanwhile, Vázquez told members of the press that those who could only answer about the whereabouts of that property were Rosselló or Pierluisi, who initially assumed office when the first resigned on August 2, 2019.

Rosselló himself responded on social networks to Vázquez’s comments, indicating that the transition process before his departure was coordinated with the now governor, who was serving as Secretary of Justice at the time.

During his message to the statesmen in the political event, Pierluisi made constant allusions to the governor and her primalist rival for the candidacy in the New Progressive Party, although she never mentioned her by name.

“There is a difference when one is appointed to a post and it goes through a confirmation and all those things when one asks a people for a vote of confidence. The position of being a candidate for governor must be earned. And in this stop that we have on August 9, one has to earn it with the leaders of this party, from neighborhood leaders to leaders in elective positions. You have to work from the bottom, ”said the lawyer in the message, mentioning that this time he tries to emulate the campaign that Rosselló carried out four years ago, when he beat Pierluisi precisely in the primary non-progressive.

Pierluisi told the press that the support he maintains among the leadership of La Palma is “overwhelming”, stating that at least 12 of 20 senators, 30 of 34 representatives and 25 of 33 novoprogresistas mayors have expressed that they support him in his aspirations.

In this morning’s activity, about 20 legislators who promote Pierluisi’s candidacy were present, including the Speaker of the House, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez, and the senatorial majority spokesperson, Carmelo Rios. There was also the mayor of Cataño, Felix “Cano” Delgado, and the president of the Federation of Mayors and the municipal executive of Arequipa, Carlos Molina.

Pierluisi also downplayed the wide criticism the Electoral Code that Vázquez signed into law in recent weeks, alleging that the opposition parties use the issue as a “political ball”.

“The Electoral Code has no major impact on this election. The rules you set are the same for everyone. If they complain, for example, that there is a broader early vote … I don’t understand why they complain. The only thing she is doing is that if someone is going to leave Puerto Rico for justified reasons, then they can vote in advance. If they complain that people who are outside of Puerto Rico and who may be able to vote, but they are already counted, there are approximately 5,500 voters who are registered to vote (absent) outside of Puerto Rico and in Puerto Rico. The parties all have this information at their disposal, ”said the candidate.



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