Pier 55: New York is building a spectacular park in the Hudson River

City trips „Pier 55“

New York is building a spectacular park in the Hudson River

History was made on New York’s Pier 54, but the investor itself will soon be history. They want to replace it with a park that will attract attention – but is not undisputed.

Published on 11/26/2014 | Reading time: 3 minutes

MManhattan has as many inhabitants as Hamburg, but only one twelfth of the area. It’s no wonder that a lot happens on the water between the Hudson and East River. What is now being planned is a big deal even for New York: A new park is to be built in the middle of the Hudson, 11,000 square meters, planted with trees and grass, as a new attraction in the city that is not poor in attractions.

11,000 square meters, that’s about one and a half football fields. And what should be there? Ferris wheels or roller coasters like on other jetties? Nothing. The park is to become a green oasis in the concrete desert of West Manhattan, with walking paths and areas to sit on. In the evenings it can get a little louder: the New York Philharmonic and Lady Gaga could host an open-air stage.

One Hudson River Park has been around for a long time and is populated by 17 million visitors every year. But it is where a park usually belongs: on land. The new one should now go straight into the water, on stilts and planks. The supports should stand in the water like large mushrooms. Then a park, right next to the ocean liners that dock only a few dozen meters away.

A place steeped in history has to give way

For Pier 55, that is the project name, Pier 54 has to give way. And that is a place steeped in history. Here at Chelsea Piers is Manhattan’s only brewery and television studio that has made many famous films.

The troop transports carrying American soldiers left Pier 54 70 years ago. Before that, the rich and famous arrived here on the Atlantic liners – the less rich had to disembark five kilometers beforehand on the immigrant island of Ellis Island. And even before that, in 1912, Pier 54 was waiting for a miracle ship that never came: Instead of the “Titanic”, the much smaller “Carpathia” with the few survivors docked here.

New York always reminded me of Venice. So I am happy that we can now appreciate his water

It won’t even be New York’s most expensive construction project when it starts the year after next. Pier 55 will cost 130 million dollars (105 million euros), and New York City and State are giving 35 million. Most of the money comes from the von Fürstenberg family of German descent and partly from the Diller family – Diane von Fürstenberg and Barry Diller have been married since 2001.

“We’re so happy that we can do this as a family,” said Diller. Realizing the project exceeded his wildest expectations. Von Fürstenberg even thinks of Europe: “New York has always reminded me of Venice. That’s why I’m happy that we can now appreciate his water, “said the fashion designer. “And what is better than a park on the west bank to rest and watch a performance or just the sunset?”



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