News Pibi: New York style pizza in Córdoba

Pibi: New York style pizza in Córdoba


We are going to make a good summary from the beginning. Who likes pizza has to go. Because Pibi has a very good version of New York-style pizza, a product that comes out of the ordinary and immerses itself in a gastronomic culture from another galaxy.

New York pizza has its own language, as does the porteña or the Neapolitan. It is a pizza of larger dimensions than usual, with a very thin and flexible dough, but with a well-marked floor that allows the encounter of textures.

Another feature to highlight is that, as in the Neapolitan version of pizza (the mother of all pizzas), the balance of the ingredients here is essential: it allows an elegant balance, bringing out the quality of the products with which it is works (dough, sauce, cheese and toppings).

The new normal

The new normal for the client, with the Covid-19 as a threat, is summarized in some points that it has to comply with. In Pibi, before we sat down, they sprayed our hands with alcohol and took our personal details with an affidavit. Until the moment of eating, all with the chinstrap on.

Pibi is a local of the Barrio gallery that recreates the pizza stalls in the United States. The room is very small and colorful. The letter is glued or drawn on the tile walls. Inside there are some bars (which cannot be used today), stools and high tables for those who prefer them.

Letter on the wall.

All very shrill, modern, with the pizza maker doing his thing in front of the diner. The good thing is that this energy is not only in Pibi, because the Barrio gallery has an exceptional gastronomic microclimate in every sense: Brunchería, Standard 69, El Papagayo Petit, Francis and Capitán coexist.

How is pizza

The service is done in portions. They start at $ 100 (the mozzarella) and the menu is completed with options pepperoni (salame), blue cheese (blue cheese), mushrooms (portobellos fungi) and veggie (peppers and purple onion), at $ 130.

Veggie y mushrooms.

And there is a “promo” of two servings of cheese plus a 500 cc can of beer at $ 300. That is, we have a delicious and original lunch or dinner for $ 300.

We ordered a portion of each, to try everything, and a 500 cc Imperial Apa beer ($ 130). They are triangular portions (not all the pizzas in the world are) large, very picturesque and tasty (what really matters at mealtime). Quality raw materials, no nonsense in the combinations, comfort in every bite and good music to fly from the speakers.

It is eaten by hand, because there are no silverware. Dishes and napkins? All disposable (better for biosecurity).

It seems very easy to get there, sit down and eat that well, but all this simplicity when it comes to service and food itself denotes hours and hours and more hours of work for things to turn out so well. That is why Pibi deserves to be highlighted among the best pizzerias in Córdoba. Immediately!


Rating: very good

Achával Rodríguez 244, Barrio gallery. Güemes neighborhood.

Open every day, noon and night.

Cash and cards.


Restaurant, wine and recipe reviews every Thursday afternoon.


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