Piazza Affari sets a new record and prepares for a hot week

The Milan Stock Exchange also ended the last session of the eighth positively. Piazza Affari sets a new record and prepares for a hot week. Here is what happened today and what to expect for the next sessions, according to the analysis of the ProiezionidiBorsa experts.

Some European stock exchanges are holding back

Positive day for the Milan stock exchange, less for some European stock exchanges. After an upward start, some lists from the Old Continent pulled the handbrake in the afternoon, ending in red.

The German stock index Dax finished almost unchanged and London lost 0.2%. The Paris stock exchange closed with a marked rise, gaining 0.9%. The Madrid stock exchange did even better, closing up 1.1%.

Piazza Affari sets a new record and prepares for a hot week

Piazza Affari finished higher, although it slowed down in the second part of the day. The Ftse Mib index (INDEX:FTSEMIB) closed with a gain of 0.8% at 23,088 points. A level that the major blue chip index had not touched for eleven months, marking a small record.

But in the morning the prices reached 23,278 points. Then, in the afternoon, thanks to the profit taking, the gain was reduced. Let’s not forget that today is Friday and that tomorrow the 5 Star party will go to consultations. These are numerically decisive for the birth of the Draghi Government.

If these obstructing maneuvers towards the possible executive arrive, it would be negative news for the markets. Therefore many operators have preferred to lighten their positions as a precaution against possible surprises.

But the market shows that it believes in the launch of the super Mario government

Even if the markets do not believe in it and are convinced that this government will be launched. This is also demonstrated by the spread, which has fallen again today. In the morning, the spread between BTPs and Bunds fell to 94 points, before rising slightly and closing at 98 points. On the lows of recent years.

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This weekend will be decisive for the outcome of the negotiations on the new government. If it goes through, next week the stock market could reach its high of 19 February, above 25 thousand points. If the Draghi government did not leave, it could be a week of passion for Italian shares and government bonds.


This multidays analysis and analysis of international markets by the ProiezionidiBorsa Research Department

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