Physicists reveal the possibility of aliens hanging out in a Dyson ball surrounded by white dwarfs – A new study reveals, if alien it really does exist, the most likely they will hang out or gather at bola Dyson.

Bola Dyson it surrounds a small star that no longer shines called white dwarfand scattered throughout the Milky Way.

Reported from Live Science edition of June 3, 2022, with the possibility of all these aliens gathering in the Dyson Ball, then researchers should try to focus on looking for them around the region.

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This was conveyed by a professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California Los Angeles, Ben Zuckerman who was also involved in the new study.

Zuckerman said, based on the search results, astronomers would be able to estimate how many advanced civilizations lurk in the galaxy.

As it is known that aliens are often considered as symbols of other living civilizations in outer space. Alien also called having high intelligence, and a symbol of the advanced civilization that may exist in the galaxy.

For this reason, aliens who are considered to have high abilities and intelligence are expected to build a megastructure as a place for them to just stop and hang out, is a Dyson ball.

Before understanding further the results of the study described by Zuckerman, you need to first understand what the Dyson ball is.

The main basic concept is that every advanced civilization needs energy for food, transportation, conflict, comfort and convenience.

Currently, according to The World Counts, there are about 78 billion people on Earth using about 580 million joules of energy each year, and this equates to an energy output of nearly 14,000 million tons of oil.

Indeed, almost all human energy comes from fossil fuels, because we do not have sufficient technological knowledge to rely on the largest energy generators in the solar system, such as solar energy.

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