“Physician Thira” reveals investigation effects: a team infected with “Omicron” observed that the small droplets contained 5 times much more viruses than the big types.

19 Aug. 65 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn College Posted a message via Facebook, Thira Woratanarat said that …

Yesterday about the environment 704,879 persons have been infected, with 1,615 additional fatalities, bringing the full to 598,555,517 and 6,465,456 deaths.

The top five with the optimum quantity of bacterial infections ended up Japan, South Korea, the United States, Russia and Italy.

Yesterday the variety of new infections provided nations around the world from Europe and Asia, seven of the leading 10 and 14 of the best 20 in the environment.

The number of new bacterial infections each and every day in the planet now. from Asia and Europe With each other, they accounted for 83.82% of the planet inhabitants, while the selection of deaths accounted for 63.65%.

… The epidemic condition of Thailand

From this morning’s Worldometer information, it appeared that

Range of deaths yesterday The 13th maximum location in the planet and 6th in Asia, although the Thai Ministry of Health and fitness has adjusted the reporting procedure from 1 May perhaps to substantially minimize the amount of experiences.

… Update awareness of COVID-19

“Viral depend in droplets of Omicron strains”

The group from the College of Maryland has examined the total of the virus emitted in little and huge droplets by means of the coughing, sneezing, screaming or singing of COVID-19 sufferers. a variety of species

The data have been revealed in medRxiv in early August and in the journal Nature on August 17, 2022.

Effectively, individuals infected with Omicron strains have significantly higher viral hundreds in saliva droplets than other strains (which is why we can realize that the hottest Omicron wave is consequently far more infected. Previous ripple)

In the Omicron-infected team, the compact droplets contained five moments far more viral loads than the big ones.

This investigate reinforces the fact that COVID-19 is an infectious illness transmitted via the airways. Self defense, specifically by wearing a mask effectively and frequently. Prevent crowded and poorly ventilated locations such as changing the atmosphere for far better ventilation thinking about the heart

“Extended COVID summary from the WHO webinar”

The Earth Wellbeing Group just hosted a webinar yesterday. with American and European specialists to trade information and facts and knowledge.

The significant matter I would like to share with you is

1, it is believed that 2.8% of little ones with COVID-19 below the age of 20 will facial area the long-time period COVID-19 dilemma (self-assurance interval .9% -7%).

Even when you look at the tiny percentage figures But if you appear at the genuine figures taking place all about the earth, there will be a whole lot of them. due to the large amount of bacterial infections

Contemplating the number of years shed owing to incapacity (YLD), lengthy-time period COVID in youngsters triggers losses identical to epilepsy and autism in 2021.

2nd, the group of older people aged 20 and in excess of claimed that women endured two times as a great deal prolonged-lasting COVID than males.

with 10.6% women (self esteem interval 4.3% -22.2%) and 5.4% males (assurance interval 22% -11.7%).

3rd, the pounds of disability caused by Prolonged COVID (bodyweight of disability) applied in the assessment was the same as that of entire listening to reduction or serious traumatic brain harm.

Nevertheless, the above details evaluated only the a few primary symptom teams: respiratory indications. Brain difficulties connected to pondering, memory and focus. and tiredness syndrome bodily ache and temper disorders It does not include patients with long COVID who have other prevalent signs that have an impact on their daily everyday living, these as slumber issues, hair loss, reduction of olfactory talents, and so on.

Hence, the approximated figure could be somewhat underestimated.

… The earlier mentioned information and facts displays to us that the long-standing COVID challenge is a around the world challenge.

It is greater not to be infected.

Sporting a mask accurately and continually is vital …


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