Physical Fight Erupts in Bulgarian Parliament Over Controversial Declarations

Today’s working day of the Parliament started with tension. Two declarations – one by PP-DB and another by “Vazrazhdane” caused a dispute, which escalated into a physical fight.

“Nearly 3 years ago, protests began in Bulgaria, in which hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian citizens took part. The protests demanded the resignation of the then Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev. We stood behind these protests, as well as other parties, which at that time fought with words with all this, and today they are negotiating for a cabinet with those they called “mafia” for many years. This is what Iskra Mihailova from “Vazrazhdane” said from the parliamentary rostrum.

“The peaceful nature of the demonstrations did not prevent them from injuring hundreds, and thousands of people lost their jobs. All the energy of the protests was brutally betrayed by those who today are talking to GERB about general management and seeking the support of the DPS,” Mihailova added. According to her, from the records that leaked a few days ago, it turned out that there are traitors not only to their own words and voters, but also to the country as a whole.

Mihailova called for the second mandate to be returned to the president. “If you assemble this absurd coalition of the accused just to please your superiors, be assured that the very next day we will call upon all our constituents, and your disgusted constituents as well, to come here to Parliament, and if necessary – and inside him, because every hypocrisy and every betrayal has its limit. You have crossed the line,” Mihailova also said.

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Yavor Bozhankov from PP-DB countered and stated that the Bulgarian national interest at this moment is to have a government, and the foreign interest is not to have one.

“The events of the last days are part of an organized plan, and when “Vazrazhdane” talk about external intervention, we know them. They talked about vaccines, they came out vaccinated, Kostadinov and Tsoncho talked about soft wrists, the two of us most strongly doubt this relationship , for the Euro, and now for national traitors. According to the logic we have now seen, the national traitors are exactly them,” said Bozhankov.

After his speech, he infuriated the deputies from “Vazrazhdane” and they went to the parliamentary rostrum to seek suicide.

They were followed by people’s representatives from PP-DB. Passions heated up, an exchange of accusations and pushing began.

Manol Peikov from PP-DB was skinned on the cheek, and a deputy from “Vazrazhdane” ended up with broken glasses.

The Speaker of the Parliament announced a break, but even after it the passions in the hall did not subside.

Manol Peykov explained through journalists that Yavor Bozhankov came to the podium to say important things regarding the connection of “Vazrazhdane” with Russia, which is indisputable.

“Not having a government is a direct interest of RussiaPeykov pointed out.

According to him, the party of Kostadin Kostadinov violates the order in the plenary hall every second. “They called me a dirty nit on the sidelines yesterday”, said Peykov. He added that today deputies from “Vazrazhdne” kicked him in the legs, threatened to send the people’s representatives from PP-DB to Belene. “These are things they usually say, but you don’t hear them”Manol Peykov also said.

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He also publicly apologized to the deputy whose glasses he removed.

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