Photovoltaic: electricity from your personal roof

The techniques mounted in private houses typically have an place of ​​about 50 sq. meters (10 kWh). We do not advocate units that are as well tiny, as profitability deteriorates and power generate is certainly reduced. From an financial stage of perspective, it is intriguing when a private home converts the greatest achievable percentage of self-manufactured electric power. It must also be remembered that the desire for electrical energy will increase. Because several buildings are being converted into heat pumps, which have to have energy to purpose. Added to this is the private have to have to cost electric powered motor vehicles.

Prom2 the photovoltaic panels for that reason have a electrical power of about .2 kW. The total of energy is not indicated in kW, but in kWh: in the Swiss Central region, an vitality yield of 200 kWh for every sq. meter and yr is generally applied. A module location of ​​18 m2 produces approximately the electric power wants of a typical family of 3 to 4 folks.

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