Photos Sarah Kohan, wife of Chicharito takes off her clothes in full pregnancy

Sarah Khohan, Javier’s partner “The chicharito”Hernández has surprised all Internet users again, but not only for her beauty, but also for d3snud @ rse to show off her second pregnancy on social networks.

The beautiful model shed all clothing to model her six-month-old tummy. pregnancy on his official Instagram account.

Unfortunately the photograph of the beautiful mother did not circumvent the censorship of the social network and after exceeding 70 thousand likes and obtaining many comments, its visibility was withdrawn.

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Look at the daring image here.

In the photograph the beautiful Kohan posed from the front, very flirtatious, without any garment and covering the most essential with her own hands, on her feet, a pair of white boots and in the background, a beautiful meadow.

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But this is not the first time that the beautiful model has done something similar, in her first pregnancy she also used to be captured without clothes or with very few to show off her tummy.

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Even a few days ago, she shared one of these images from her first pregnancy to celebrate Earth Day and thank her for being a mother.

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Two Earth Days in a row I have been pregnant. I hope this quarantine time has helped you reflect on how we can better care for this world for ourselves, future generations, and all the flora and fauna that call Earth home … Don’t take it for granted. This has been the case for me. Earth Day is every day.


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