‘Photos’ Removed: Woman Enjoys Financial Success on OnlyFans by Fulfilling ‘Non-Explicit’ Requests

In particular, one of the users asked a woman to buy herself in a bathtub filled with baked beans.

The OnlyFans content creator reveals how she made her fortune taking photos and videos in response to strange, “non-sexual” requests.

About it informs LadBible.

Bambi Love, a 30-year-old OnlyFans assistant administrator, has spoken out about the “wild” but “non-sexual” requests she’s been receiving that have earned her thousands of pounds.

It turns out there is a market for activities like brushing your teeth. Bambi said she was once paid £60 (about UAH 2,700) for a three-minute video of her brushing her teeth in front of someone who, according to the woman, “has a toothpaste fetish”.

In addition, the content author was also paid £100 (about UAH 4,500) to film herself walking over slices of bread.

“He said he liked the idea of ​​a footprint,” Bambi said.

She also received requests for activities such as washing dishes and simply ignoring the camera. Some of the users ask the woman to wear a maid costume, while others do not mind if she is “fully dressed”.

In total, Bambi has earned approximately £17,000 since first joining OnlyFans (over 770 thousand UAH), which helped her save up for a deposit for the house.

At a certain stage, the content author earned a whopping £550 a month (almost UAH 25,000)but now treats OnlyFans as a side job amid her admin role.

“I was bored during the quarantine and thought it would be a good way to earn some extra money,” shared Bambi.

However, a woman has her limits when it comes to personal requests.

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“I draw the line on some things because they’re too weird. One follower asked me to send him hair and nail clippings by mail in exchange for a lot of money, but I refused,” the author of the content said.

“Another guy asked me to dye my hair blue, dress in blueberries and dance for him, which I thought was very strange,” she added.

“And some of the things that they ask me are simply impossible. For example, someone wanted, for me to bathe in a tub filled with baked beans. It would take me 200 cans of beans or something to make it work, so he would have to pay me a fortune,” Bambi said.

The woman notes that it was “definitely a fascinating experience.”

Recall that in the UK, 21-year-old Elsa registered on the OnlyFans website and now earns about 30 thousand dollars. per month, fulfilling the strange requests of men.

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