Photos of iPhone 12 Pro prototype leaked online – Wylsacom

Developed by Giulio Sompetti shared Photos of the iPhone 12 Pro prototype in Pacific Blue. There are only two differences from the final version.

The first is non-standard iOS 14. This is the factory SwitchBoard platform. It has a different shell, the platform is intended for internal development. Ordinary users will never see such a system.

The second difference is a different shade of the smartphone. The prototype is darker compared to the final version. I don’t know about you, but I like the light version much more.

Zompetti collects prototypes of Apple devices and shares unusual finds. For example, the third generation iPod touch with a camera. The unusual thing is that the final version did not receive the camera – it was added in the fourth generation:

And here Apple Watch prototype video in an unusual case that hid the design of the watch before its official announcement.


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