Photos from the match of the European League Sparta – Celtic Glasgow

Police officers secured millions of crowns in cash belonging to the former vice-president of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Roman Berbr, in several places. She stated it today Czech television. Forensic scientists also found out that Berbr controls Lugas Corporation in the Seychelles, through which it can also manage its business in the Czech Republic. That is why the court decided to stay in custody.

“The capital of this company (in the Seychelles) according to the register amounts to $ 100,000 and is divided into shares, which the accused holder holds,” Czech Television was quoted from the Prague Public Prosecutor’s Office’s custody proposal.

Police and investment precious metals were discovered by police during a raid on Berbr’s bank safe. The banknotes were also found in his office in the building of the Pilsen Football Association, headed by Berbr. According to Czech Television, they confiscated more cash in a vault next to his daughter.

In October, the District Court for Prague 6 sent a football official, who is one of 20 accused in the case of allegedly influencing the results of the matches of the second and third football leagues, into custody.


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