PHOTOS / Denain. At the hospital, the building for the elderly takes shape

Despite the health crisis, the renovation and extension of the geriatric sector (commonly called V120) is progressing well on the hospital side. The crane is gone and the shell will be completed this summer. The installation of the cladding is in progress, which begins to give character to this extension and this rehabilitation at a total cost of 17 million euros.

Building. This 17M € project will completely change the appearance and entrance of the hospital. The road will be redone. The V120, built in 1977, lacked space and comfort to accommodate geriatric patients. The work began at the end of 2019 for 3 years.
Witness wall. At the entrance to the site, this sample wall represents identically the cladding that will cover the building and the windows that will be in each individual room.
Windows. The windows are being installed on the building which constitutes the extension of the geriatric sector of the hospital, commonly called V120 because it has 120 beds for seniors.
Physicians. On the ground floor of the new 800m2 building, there will be a spacious physiotherapy area as well as consultation offices and the secretariat.
Liaison. In the central patio on the 1st floor, in order to have a skylight, we can clearly see the connection between the old building and the new one. The old one will undergo a complete rehabilitation.
Cladding. The installation of the siding is in progress and will be the most beautiful effect when it is finished. The complexity of this project is that it takes place on an occupied site.
Double room. There will only be one per floor to accommodate couples. The objective of this extension is to individualize all the rooms in the geriatric sector.
Workers. They are between 35 and 45 on this site on average. A site that only suffered two months of total shutdown at the start of the pandemic in 2020.
Duo. Gonçalo Soares, master journeyman at Ramery (left), and José Escot, works manager at Denain CH, form the team at the head of this important project.
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