PHOTOS ⟩ After Belgium’s match against Morocco, great riots broke out in Brussels

Belgium unexpectedly conceded goals to Moroccan footballers with a score of 0:2 (0:0) on Sunday, complicating their situation in subgroup F.

Soon after the match, rioting broke out in Brussels resulting in several cars and e-scooters being set on fire.

True, it was reported that the chaos in the center of the Belgian capital was not started by angry Belgian fans, but by people with Moroccan flags in their hands.

Policemen in full body armor were used for crowd control.

“Protesters used fireworks and set objects on fire on a public road. A journalist was also injured, whose face was hit by a pyrotechnic shell. For these reasons, I decided to involve the police, a water cannon and tear gas “said Brussels police representative Ilse Van de Keere.

After Belgium’s loss to Morocco, the situation in Group F has become very interesting: teams from Croatia and Morocco are in the top positions of the sub-group with four points, but the Croatians are currently in first position thanks to a better balance of points scored/missed goals.

Belgium, who are currently the second strongest team in the world, according to the FIFA rankings, occupy only third place with three points, while Canada failed to score points in two matches and their tournament will conclude after the match in subgroup against Morocco.

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