Photo voltaic techniques: much more income for photo voltaic energy – regrettably only for new methods

In addition to surplus feed-in, total feed-in is also probable. The total enter pays off above all when it is attainable to use only a tiny part of the electric power produced, as in big vegetation.

With comprehensive feed-in, you get 13.4 cents per kilowatt hour for methods with an installed potential of less than 10 kilowatts, 11.3 cents for each kilowatt hour for devices up to 40 kilowatts, and for the procedure part larger than 10 kilowatts. A entire feeding devoid of economically beautiful self-consumption is only well worth it for the reason that, according to specialist calculations, production fees are concerning 10 and twelve cents for each kilowatt hour.

The novelty, having said that, is that end users can swap from self-use to whole power. Plant entrepreneurs ought to therefore make a decision ahead of every calendar 12 months no matter whether they want to feed in all the electrical power or use element of it by themselves. This helps make sense if, for instance, domestic consumption improves owing to the buy of a heat pump or if you purchase an electric car.

From 2025, grid operators should also provide a portal that allows operators to simply submit a grid request for a planned PV method. In addition, deadlines are set for how rapidly network operators must course of action requests. Moreover, network requests need to have to be digitized and standardized nationally.

The technological necessity that only 70 % of the nominal PV ability can be fed into the public grid will also be abolished for plants that will appear into procedure from 1 January 2023. In addition, from 2023 it will no lengthier be needed to put in solar technology meters for these systems.

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