PHOTO: ‘Teen Mom’ star announces pregnancy


MTV The “Teen Mom” ​​star announced her pregnancy and asked for money.

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant personality Malorie Beaver announced she was pregnant over Snapchat over the weekend of July 4th, according to screenshots shared on Reddit.

The MTV star – the mother of 3-year-old Emerson – sat under a tent. She wore red, white and blue beads and a matching headband with two American flags in the shape of hearts perched on the ends of antennae.

“They got my pregnant a** on the lawn today y’all come over and give me all the $$$$,” she captioned the photo.

Beaver’s mouth was covered in the photo, although it appeared to some fans that she held a vape to her lips.

“Mal Beaver is pregnant again,” wrote an original poster on Reddit.

“Looks like you can see the bottom of the vape pen if you zoom in,” wrote one social media user.

The original poster denied that Beaver was vaping in the picture, saying she blew on a noisemaker toy.

Others accused Beaver of soliciting donations. “The first thing I did when I announced my pregnancy was not to tell people to give me money,” they wrote.

Some fans didn’t think Beaver was taking her pregnancy seriously. “These girls are so flippant about having children, it’s terrifying,” they said.

Beaver’s father’s father died in June

Lane Fernandez, the father of Beaver’s first child, died on June 13.

Fernandez welcomed his second child, Nolyn, with his wife Kylee Rose Osburne on May 22, 2022.

Fernandez’s cause of death is unknown.

Beaver briefly paid tribute to her ex and wrote “RIP,” according to E! News.

“I’m so lost without you baby,” Kylee Rose Osburne wrote. “I love you to the moon and back and I know you take care of us. i will miss you forever You always have been💕.”

Nolyn, Emerson and I love you so much and you were an amazing father, dog father and husband. You will forever be my rock and my best friend. ❤️ I miss you more than anything baby.”

Osborne has continued to post on Facebook about Fernandez.

“You’re my Everything. You always have been. I love you more than I could ever love myself. You are forever in my heart, mind and spirit,” Osborne said on June 19, the day of Fernandez’s funeral. “I am so thankful that you are taking care of me and helping God to guide me through this life alone with our beautiful son.”

“I will never be the same but I know that you rejoice and praise him for doing so much for our little family,” she continued. “I can never thank you enough. Thank you for being such an amazing father and husband to our beautiful family. I love you to the end of time, and as I spend my eternal life with you in heaven, I will continue to love you. .”

Osborne said she was prevented from seeing Emerson

In a July 2021 interview with The Sun, Osbourne said that Beaver did not allow Emerson to see her father or stepmother.

“We ask Malorie to see her and she blocked us. If she decides to unblock us, she ignores us or says, ‘Oh, Emerson doesn’t want to talk to you,'” Osbourne said.

“Emmy has a father and stepmother who care so much about her and love her unconditionally,” she told The Sun. “Malorie is choosing to let her jealousy stand in the way of her child’s happiness, and that’s not only sad, it’s bad for a mother.”

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