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MESSAGE FROM JAN – To Doutzen Kroes

Would they really be that stupid at Quote and De Telegraaf and AD and RTL Nieuws and all those other media that took over the ‘news’ from Quote?

London ambulances covid-19-ambulance-londen-uk-vk-groot-britannie-pandemie-bescherming-lockdown.jpg"/>

Our Man In London: Britons are slowly giving virus a place in society

“Hospitals are overcrowded here too, Boris has already warned that he cannot guarantee anything for Christmas”

White wine on terrace catering

Horeca actually shut down by new measures, support is necessary

‘Why keep turning the catering knob when there are hardly any infections there?’

eu european european union union flag blue yellow stars woman girl white mouth cap waving

Juliaan van Acker – European Union is unable to ensure our security

‘In the name of lofty ideals, mismanagement is being conducted here’

Rome Angel Castle Castel Sant Angelo

Bart Collard – The eternal city of Rome is lonely, because of the corona measures

‘The corona ticket is absurd – not to mention the 2G measure’


Erdal Balci – How corona shines like a strong lamp on reality

‘Sentiment against Western modernity and progress thinking has increased sharply since corona’


GS TV: all politicians find corona riots ‘terrible’ and ‘outrageous’

But they understand very well that people are angry, dissatisfied and completely done with it


Ad Verbrugge – The reality of the delusion around corona

A philosophical reflection on the current crisis

Professor: ‘Most corona measures are purely for the stage’

Professor of Public Institutions and Governance Arjen Boin

Ratna Pelle – Rather 2G than a long lockdown for everyone

‘Accelerated boosting should also be done, seriously considering vaccinating children’

‘Corona figures point to the absurdity of the 2G measure’

Internist in training Jona Walk in conversation with Ad Verbrugge

Radboud UMC makes an urgent appeal: ‘Please stick to the corona rules!

‘We can only do it TOGETHER’

NRC: how Portugal got a vaccination rate of 98%

‘Not imposing a vaccine creates trust, indirect vaccination obligation can be counterproductive’

NRC explains: how the 2G measure is already pointless

‘Especially effective if there are few infections’

Diederik Gommers: ‘2G measure does not suit the Netherlands’

‘Vaccinated people are also contagious and that is the cause of an increase in the number of infections’

63% of the vaccinated support 2G measures, especially VVD and D66 members

Support for tackling the corona crisis at its lowest point

1.3 billion euros extra financial support for entrepreneurs after corona measures

Also extra support for events, agricultural sector, cultural sector and sports sector

‘Child, get yourself vaccinated’

‘Half of the unprotected regret afterwards that they have not been vaccinated’


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