PHOTO Marie-Ange Casta shares a rare shot with her big brother Jean-Baptiste

Marie-Ange Casta took to her Instagram account for a Q&A session with her subscribers. She took the opportunity to reveal a few pictures to her admirers. Among them, an adorable childhood photo in which she appears with Laetitia and their brother Jean-Baptiste …

Sunday on Instagram has become the day celebrities take a quiet moment to answer the burning questions of internet users. On this February 21 Marie-Ange Casta sacrificed to the ritual in Instagram story selecting a few subscriber requests. If some only had fiery declarations of love to send to the lovely 30-year-old blonde, others did not hesitate to bombard her with questions. With honesty the actress and former model therefore answered the questions of her fans, which they concern his favorite advertising campaign, the name of his hairdresser, her pregnancy pounds, or his favorite vacation spot.

A rare family cliché

The one who married in Corsica humorist Marc-Antoine Le Bret on June 15, 2019 thus unveiled a photo of their wedding day to an internet user who was probably hoping his heart wasn’t taken. Marie-Ange Casta who gave birth of their first child a few months ago revealed that he has not yet lost the kilos accumulated while she was sheltering her tenant. “I want your advice because I still have it “she indicated in the story. The young mother also revealed an adorable snapshot of her husband and their baby carried in a belly sling to illustrate his answer to the question: “What are the little things in life that make you crack? ” To the Internet user who asked her how many brothers and sisters she had, the actress – seen in Opposing winds by Jalil Lespert alongside Benoît Magimel – unveiled a rare family cliché on which she appears as a child, with her illustrious big sister of 12 years her elder Laetitia Caste and their big brother Jean-Baptiste. This last very discreet in the media is now 44 years old. The siblings that appear in this smiling vintage shot in beachwear seem complicit and united, undoubtedly a gift that Internet users will be very grateful for …

Instagram Marie-Ange Casta
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