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The jury for the selection of the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award has announced works – buildings and processes – that will continue the fight for the highest award in Latvian architecture, informs the Latvian Union of Architects.

9 nominees nominated by the jury will compete for the Latvian Architecture Annual Award (see gallery). In the next stage, the evaluation of the works is handed over to the final jury, which will select the winners of the main prizes. The solemn ceremony and presentation of the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020 will take place on October 30, in the Aistere Hall of the H2O 6th quarter.

This year, 50 applications were received for the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award, among which are private houses built with special attention, as well as objects of public importance, as well as events related to architecture. The competition selection jury has nominated 9 nominees for further evaluation of the works.

“We are not so much involved in global processes by following fashionable trends or being able to apply all the latest construction technologies skillfully, but by our attitudes towards the environment, climate change, resource use and consumer culture. In crises such as the world we are experiencing. This year, it is not new, revolutionary uses of space that are emerging, but rather the processes that had gradually developed in society before that are happening much faster.There are functions and perceptions of space use that have already begun to transform or even become questionable, and this year’s experience These aspects were the focus of this year ‘s jury’ s attention, “comments Vents Vinbergs, a representative of the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020 selection jury.

The selection jury for the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020 consists of architects and last year’s award recipients Brigita Bula, Artūrs Lapiņš, Ināra Caunīte and Vita Škapare, architectural critic Vents Vīnbergs and artist Jānis Avotiņš.

In the next stage of the competition, the 9 nominated works will be evaluated and the decision on the main prizes will be made by a final jury consisting of foreign architecture professionals. The jury will be represented by Octavio Mestre (Spain), Andro Mand (Estonia), Chris Luebkeman (Switzerland), Gustė Kančaitė (Lithuania), and the final jury will be joined by the chairman of the selection jury, last year’s golden pineapple winner Brigita Bula.

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