Photo: Kim Chenun assesses flood damage and progress in preventing it

Totalitarian North Korea dictator Kim Chenun, who is regularly featured in national media publications and broadcasts as a caring landlord who closely monitors the work of officials and assesses the achievements for the well-being of the people, has visited the storm and flood-affected province of Hamgjongnamdo.

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According to images circulated by North Korea’s official propaganda media, Kim, along with his military everywhere, is looking at the damage to infrastructure and buildings caused by the natural disaster, as well as inspecting beautifully restored houses.

North Korea, with its mountains and narrow valleys, is particularly vulnerable to floods. This summer, the rainy season was longer than other years, and it was accompanied by three typhoons in different parts of the country. In 2020, precipitation has reached the second highest level in the last 25 years, explains the portal “38north”.

This has led to widespread and devastating floods in an already economically weak country that is unable to provide and feed all its people properly. Although North Korea does not usually disclose accurate data on damage and losses to the public, what has been shown in the North Korean media gives the impression that they are not small.

It is believed that many people have lost their homes and belongings. Damaged buildings need to be restored, piles of mud brought in by water have to be removed, there are problems with clean drinking water, according to “38north”. In addition, the small backyard gardens, which provided food for many families, have been destroyed. But polluted water causes health problems.

North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, unable to feed its people, provide infrastructure and produce energy. But despite that, huge resources are being devoted nuclear weaponsfacing international sanctions that do not improve the situation in the country.

On October 10, a parade was shown in PyongyangAries intercontinental missile that could be suitable for delivering multiple nuclear weapons to targets in the United States.

North Korea is also one of the most corrupt countries in the world, leaving only South Sudan and Somalia behind, according to Transparency International.

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