Photo: Insight into the renovated prosecutor’s office

On Friday, October 8, VAS “State real estate“(VNĪ) handed over the key building of the renovated former police house on Aspazijas boulevard 7 to the new prosecutor’s office – the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Latvia. The house has been extensively rebuilt for nine prosecutors. Thanks to constructive cooperation with Renārs Griškevičs, Chairman of the Board of VNĪ, points out.

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The structural units of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Latvia, which have so far been located in five different places in Riga, are starting to move to the new Prosecutor’s Office building. “Our employees have a modern workplace and environment, while preserving the building’s historic value. In this building, we will house about 230 employees, which will facilitate daily work and, not least, save the state budget. It’s no secret that in an orderly and modern work environment the quality of the work and the results are much better, “the Attorney General points out Juris Stukāns.

The historic police building was restored according to a construction project developed under the direction of architect Aldis Polis, preserving the historical succession of each building building and the authentic appearance of the building, incl. Neo-Renaissance style, Art Nouveau and National Romantic style decoration elements in the interior. Within the framework of the project, the building was completely rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the Prosecutor’s Office. During the reconstruction, the total area of ​​the building was increased from 7205.5 m2 up to 7495.2 m2by creating modern work, meeting and recreation rooms for the needs of the prosecutor’s office. On the third floor of the building, adding to the attic volume, a new conference hall with 200 seats has been built.

“It is important that the building adapted to the needs of the prosecutor’s office will not only streamline the prosecutor’s office management process by centrally bringing together employees from different parts of Riga. Thanks to high-quality energy efficiency solutions and new technologies, such a solution will save long-term house management,” Jānis Reirs.

During the reconstruction, the building was reinforced with foundations, ceilings were rebuilt and reinforced, roofs were rebuilt, facade renovation, room layout change, internal and external engineering networks were built, elevators were built, building management and automation system was built, historic interior elements were restored, and As a result of the implemented energy efficiency solutions, the heat energy consumption for heating the building is reduced by about half – from 140.76 kWh / m2 per year to 74.22 kWh / m2.

This is the first BIM pilot project implemented by VNĪ, which gained confidence in the advantages of using BIM technologies – increased quality of construction project, timely identification of more than 200 problem areas in BIM system, saved about 3500 man-hours, which allowed uninterrupted construction which would cost the state around 150,000 euros.

The project was implemented by the construction contractor “Abora”, the designer was the general partnership “Re Arta”. Construction supervision has been performed by the internal construction supervision team of VNĪ. The total budget of the project is 11.6 million euros. The project is co – financed by OFF funds under the energy efficiency improvement program.

The Neo-Renaissance building on Aspazijas Boulevard 7, built in 1891 according to the project of the city architect Reinhold Georg Schmeling, is of cultural and historical value due to both the architect’s handwriting and its public significance. During the years of Soviet occupation, the house was handed over to the militia – it was used for police purposes invariably – from the moment of its construction until 2008. The house is UNESCO Part of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site “Riga Historical Center” and the national urban planning monument “Riga City Historical Center”.

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