Pašek was hanged at the Koliba in Bratislava on Friday, November 5. He arrived at the scene with his own car and hung near a bobsled track. His death shocked not only the hockey public but also his ex-girlfriends. The singer Barbora Balúchová also had a hard time carrying the crushing news. “My dude, why? Why?” the ex-girlfriend of the poor hockey player on Instagram responded.

Baluchova sashe also decided to come to the last farewellto say goodbye to her ex-boyfriend. She arrived at the Bratislava crematorium in a patterned coat and with large sunglasses, behind which she hid her tears. According to photos from the shocking news, Dušan Pašek’s expolovička still could not remember and was apparently injured by the death of the vice-president of Bratislava Capitals.You can find PHOTO of Balúchová from the funeral HERE!

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