“Photo Exhibition Explores the Power of Music for Encounter, Concentration, Participation, and New Perspectives”

In June, on the occasion of “Music Day” (June 21), the city library is showing a special photo exhibition that focuses on what music can do. The traveling exhibition was designed by the association “Wir Sind Altenpflege”. It can be seen from June 1st to July 1st in the RW21 gallery (1st floor).

With three motifs each, the exhibition focuses on the themes of encounter, concentration, participation and new perspectives.


The sequence of images shows impressively how people can get closer to each other with a simple instrument. In this case, random tone sequences were played by the instructor. These were then reenacted by the participant. The tempo and length of the tone sequences were worked on – something like a memory game was created.


The topic of concentration shows that it is possible to hit the right note with music. Even in old age, participants can find attractive moments when they concentrate. The oldest participant in this case is 102 years old.


The participants were cordially invited to take part. It wasn’t about reading sheet music. Striking a new note together with simple instruments or expressing feelings is often an enormous enrichment for everyone involved.

New Perspectives

The three pictures in this category speak for themselves. Nevertheless, the exhibition organizers assure that this participant is not a musician and that she came into contact with this instrument for the first time. The pictures were created within ten minutes because the participant was asked: “What would you do with them?” More information about the exhibition is available at https://​wir​-sind​-alten​pfle​ge​.de/​w​a​n​d​e​r​a​u​s​s​t​e​l​l​u ng/.

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