PHOTO: ‘Costa Coffee’ opens the first new design cafe in Riga

Along with an event portraying the secrets of the coffee world, the first new design cafe of the Italian coffee brand “Costa Coffee” rich in tradition was opened in Riga in the “Stockmann” department store.

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“All “Costa Coffee” cafes anywhere in the world comply with the global “Costa Coffee” design standards. The cafes in Riga are also part of the “Costa Coffee” world, where new design trends are introduced,” says the company manager and board member of “Costa Coffee” in Latvia Aiva Strazdiņa, adding, “It is a special satisfaction that the new designer cafe of “Costa Coffee” is located right in the “Stockmann” department store, whose elegant customers not only deserve to enjoy excellent, traditional coffee, but also to do so in an interior corresponding to the most current design trends .”

The development of “Stockmann” is our priority – we have implemented ambitious changes, modernizing and improving the shopping experience both in person and in the digital environment. This year we will continue the development, so we especially appreciate that “Stockmann” was chosen as the first place in Riga, where the new design “Costa Coffee” cafe opens its doors. Thank you to the partners who help create a pleasant and inspiring environment for our customers,” says Dace Goldmane, director of the Stockmann department store.

During the opening event of “Costa Coffee’s” new design cafe, guests had the opportunity to participate in an exciting master class “The art of drinking coffee” and learn to drink coffee in an elegant and refined way under the guidance of an etiquette expert. In the continuation of the event, guests could taste unique coffee drinks, as well as listen to an informative lecture “What makes coffee special?”, discovering new facts about this aromatic drink and learning how coffee affects people’s health.

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Costa Coffee has been operating in the “Stockmann” department store for several years, during which time it has become a favorite meeting place for Riga residents and allows you to enjoy the lively, inspiring atmosphere of the department store. During 2023, “Costa Coffee” plans to renovate two more cafes in Latvia, as well as to open new cafes in addition to the existing ones, investing around 250 thousand euros.

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