PHOTO⟩ Two more participants have been selected for the plastic surgery show – Show business

Leila Konju (39) experienced sexual abuse in her early childhood – she was used by three men for several years. This event has had irreversible consequences in Leila’s emotional world and created complexes from an early age. The young woman’s first love has also been psychologically severe, which has eroded her self-esteem.

Although Leila now has a happy relationship with an Italian man and three children, she wants to write a book about her life and travel around Latvia, telling her story and encouraging other women not to be afraid and to speak openly, because only she can help herself.

After the pregnancy, Leila’s breasts were no longer firm, and the mammary glands had formed under her armpits during her pregnancy. Even after 16 years, fat bags remain under the armpits. Eyelids have also slipped – eye shadows cannot be applied to them. During her pregnancy, Leila’s vision deteriorated and her teeth became especially damaged.

“Leila is a woman with a very difficult destiny. We cannot repair the wounds of her soul, but we can make her more physically attractive to elevate her self-esteem and restore her joy of life. We will perform plastic surgery for Leila to make her face look younger, improve her lips, as well as perform breast augmentation surgery! ” reveals Vadim Klimecs, a plastic surgeon at the Lipex clinic.

The second finalist Ineta Dresmane (44) wanted to study acting after graduating from high school, but the complexes have deterred her from doing so. Therefore, Ineta decided to study psychology in order to learn to live with complexes and accept herself.

Ineta has raised two adult sons alone, but still raises other children on a daily basis while working in kindergarten. Although Ineta calls herself a witch, her children call her a princess. And despite all the complexes, Ineta has managed to keep her joy and optimism.

Ineta does not sit with her arms folded in her lap, she goes and does – regularly running, exercising, performing massages and other beauty procedures. However, there are things where the tooth of time has done its own, and it is impossible to regain a youthful appearance on its own. She dreams of fulfilling her dream of an acting career, possibly even competing with a TV star. Ineta also wants to start a new relationship and get married.

“Ineta is a very positive woman. As a bonus, the members of the jury could choose an additional participant to make the transformation. And I was the one who cast my voice directly on Ineta. She is only a little over 40, but her face is already showing very age-related changes. We will perform an organ-friendly facelift operation for her, as well as surgery of the upper and lower eyelids of the face, ”reveals Eduards Jurševics, a plastic surgeon at Lipex Clinic and a doctor of medical sciences.


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