PHOTO⟩ “Thank you for your good wishes.” Porziņģis publishes the first image since the operation – Basketball – – Sports

As is known, the operation was performed on Porziņģis’ right knee, in which a Latvian suffered a meniscus injury in the first match of the playoff series against the Los Angeles “Clippers”.

Initially, both Porziņģis and the team themselves were convinced that the injury would be managed without surgery, however, such a scenario turned out to be too optimistic.

Now Porziņģis has published the first picture since the operation in his short story on his Instagram account. On that picture, the basketball player wrote: “Thank you for the good wishes. The operation went well and I can’t wait to return from this short time. Long-term vision.”

PHOTO: Instagram / @ porzee

Mavericks reports that Porziņģis will start rehabilitation immediately, but no recovery time is currently forecast.

The next NBA season could start in December.

In February 2018, Porziņģis broke the cross ties to his left knee, then representing the New York “Knicks” team.

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