Phoenix – Utah, the shock at the top of the Western Conference

Far from being expected at such a party at the start of the season, Utah (38 wins – 12 losses) and Phoenix (35 wins – 14 losses) are nevertheless the two best teams in the league in the balance sheet, ranked first and second respectively. in the Western Conference.

Jazz and Suns will face each other tonight for a top shock that both teams are eagerly awaiting. In fact, everyone is rubbing their hands …

“These are obviously the two best teams in the West, which we should see again later in the season”, blows Devin Booker in Arizona Republic. “Every game counts. I know we will be fully focused. We’ll be ready. It’s motivating. “

As a reminder, the Suns had won the first game on New Year’s Eve in Utah (106-95). There will be a final showdown between the two clubs on April 30, again in Arizona. But before that, then there will be a little air of revenge in the Arizona valley.

“It’s a big game”, assure Donovan Mitchell. “Number one versus number two. We try not to watch it all too much but it’s hard to avoid it. We understand the importance of this coming match. They are going to play physical, they are going to be aggressive. When you add the spirit of CP to the talent of Book, you understand why they are in second place. “

Donovan Mitchell facing Devin Booker. Mike Conley facing Chris Paul. Rudy Gobert against Deandre Ayton… High level duels will not be lacking in this shock of the “Wild Wild West”.

“Phoenix will be the perfect opportunity to test us”

The two teams nevertheless have other important meetings to come, starting with games the next day, respectively against the Clippers for Phoenix and against the Blazers for Utah.

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“We must be able to win on the move in hostile environments and Phoenix will be the perfect opportunity to test us”, adds Mike Conley, whose team just lost in Dallas after a tough game. “It’s going to be an important week to test ourselves and see where we are and keep moving forward. “

Only Chris Paul finally comes to shower this general enthusiasm a little… The veteran leader has seen others.

“I regret to tell you but I don’t give it too much importance. Whether we win or lose, we play these games and we don’t know if the other team comes out of four games in five days, if a guy is sick, or at rest. Everyone will have the same mindset though. It’s the next game to play, we’re going to play it our way and to win it. It’s all that matters. We want to win this game on Wednesday. Nothing more. “

Whether Chris Paul likes it or not, this game will still have a special flavor, at the top of the West.



With : 9 victories – 1 defeat.

Points scored : 116.1 points/m

Points collected : 106.3 points/m

Rebounds : 43.3

Passes : 27.4

Interceptions : 8.3

Cons : 4


With : 9 victories – 1 defeat.

Points marked : 117.4 points/m

Points collected : 100.9 points/m

Rebounds : 49.5

Passes : 23.6

Interceptions : 7

Cons : 5.8

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