PHOENIX: International Brunch: Escape from Ukraine and across the Mediterranean

international morning pint: Escape from Ukraine and across the Mediterranean – how should Europe help? / phoenix, Sunday 04 December 2022, 12:00

The war against Ukraine continues to have a firm grip on Europe: more than four million people have arrived in the EU since the start of the Russian invasion. In Germany alone, over a million Ukrainians have found refuge and the number is set to rise further in the winter.

But the municipal associations warn: in many places the lodgings are already full.

At the same time, many more people are arriving in Europe via both the Balkan route and the Mediterranean than last year. At the external borders, refugees sometimes live in degrading conditions and reports of people drowning in transit are piling up. So far, however, the EU has not found a real answer. On the contrary: the dispute over the distribution of refugees risks dividing Europe once again.

How should Brussels react now? What solutions are currently under negotiation? What could a successful European migration policy look like? Why are flights across the Mediterranean and the Balkans currently on the rise again – and what does this mean for the mood in Europe?

Eva Lindenau discusses with:

– Thomas Gutschker, Brussels Correspondent, FAZ – Tanit Koch, Journalist, “The New European” – Malcolm Ohanwe, Freelance Journalist and Moderator – Oleksandra Bienert, President of the “Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations”

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