Philips Hue will receive support for Adaptive Lighting in HomeKit

We find in iOS 14 many new HomeKit features, like face recognition for HomeKit cameras and new ones HomeKit buttons in the Control Center. For smart lamps, there is Adaptive Lighting: a kind of Night Shift for your smart lighting. But to be able to use this, your lamps must be suitable. Philips Hue will support the Adaptive Lighting and testers can Already getting started with it.

Philips Hue met Adaptive Lighting in HomeKit

If you have since installing iOS 14 was already looking for this position, it is true that you cannot find it yet. Although you are here iOS 14 for this, the lamps must also be updated for this. That means that makers of smart lighting need to update their lamps. The first beta testers from Philips Hue Report now that the function is supported in version 1941132020 of the bridge, so writes iPhone-Ticker. Also on Reddit reports a user can already see the function. In Dutch, the function is called adaptive lighting.

Adaptive Lighting instruction in German.

With Adaptive Lighting, the color of a lamp changes during the day. The lamp then starts with warm colors and gets cooler during the day for optimal concentration. In the evening, the lamps then turn warmer with less blue to help you relax. This is completely automatic, without you having to adjust the color of your lamps yourself. With Philips Hue, this only works with the White & Color Ambiance lamps.

Hue Adaptive Lighting knop.Hue Adaptive Lighting knop.

To set it up, press and hold a suitable lamp in the Home app. Then, when setting the colors, you will find a new button, which can be recognized by an icon with a sun. So keep in mind that the function is not yet visible to you, because the necessary Hue update is not yet publicly available. Philips Hue has in a support chat promised that the feature will be available to everyone later this year. Once the update is out for everyone, we’ll update this article.

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