Philippines finds country’s first ‘mutant COVID-19’ case

January 14, 2021, Ministry of Health and Philippine Genome Center. (PGC) Reported that patients with diseaseCOVID-19 Strain B. 1.1.7. (B.1.1.7.) The country’s first maleFilipinoArriving from the United Arab Emirates on Jan 7 on an Emirates flight after a business trip to Dubai on 27 Dec 2020.

The patient arrived in the Philippines with a female friend. Which had a negative test for COVID-19

The ministry stated thatNeither Filipinos have a close history of contact with COVID-19 patients. Before traveling to Dubai or having a history of traveling outside of Quezon City Which is located on the outskirts of Manila The staff have tracked down a history of close contact with the new patient. Initially, a close contact that could be identified was asymptomatic and was in the home detention.

The Philippines banned people with history from traveling to the UK and 32 other countries and regions from traveling. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 Mutant The Philippines currently has a cumulative number of 492,700 cases and 9,699 deaths.

(Xinhua Image File: Medical staff collects samples from a COVID-19 test patient in Manila, the Philippine capital, Jan. 12, 2021)

Story by Nation TV | Photo by Nation TV


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