Philipp Rösler wants to buy sparkling wine and has to show his ID

You can hardly tell his age: Former Vice Chancellor Philipp Rösler was asked for his ID when buying a bottle of sparkling wine, as he said on Twitter. “Despite gray hair,” wrote the ex-FDP chairman amused.

In the end, Rösler was allowed to take the sparkling wine with him

Rösler apparently took the matter with humor and pushed the confusion at the supermarket checkout onto the face mask that he wore while shopping in accordance with Corona regulations. “Well, the #mask requirement is not that bad,” said the former politician. It not only covers the mouth and nose but also some wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Rösler was allowed to take the bottle of sparkling wine with him after showing his ID. He is 47 years old. Sparkling wine can be sold in Germany to people aged 16 and over.


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