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Philadelphia Sixers and Angeles Lakers dominate their respective conferences

The first nine / ten competitive games have been played, and after this start of the season the Sixers and Lakers dominate their respective conferences

The Sixers are (7-2). After winning the first two games, he clearly lost the third to the Pistons, then went on a five-game winning streak and lost his last game against the Nets, somewhat surprisingly because they couldn’t count on Durant or Irving in Brooklyn. .

The Sixers quintet is immovable, with Simmons (13.4 points, 8.8 rebounds and 7.0 assists) starting from his vantage point of 2.09, Green (8.0 points 2.9 rebounds) performing his usual team game with a good defensive level, Curry (17.0 points 3.6 assists) excellent in attack to complete the outside game of the Philadelphia team. Inside a Harris (19.0 points 7.9 rebounds) is at an MVP level of one of the competition weeks and Embbid (24.6 points 11.8 rebounds) as an absolute reference for the team.

On the bench, Milton stands out as the sixth man (14.1 points 3.3 assists), who continues to show his excellent projection. From these six players, the following are replacement, less minutes, less role, but efficient in their role. That they play in a regular way we find Maxey (6.9 points 1.7 rebounds) and Thybulle (2.0 points 1.0 rebounds) on the outside, and Scott (4.2 points 2.6 rebounds) and Howard (5.9 points 6.3 rebounds) on the inside.

Then we meet the players trying to make a place in the usual rotation, here we meet the Turkish Korkmaz (6.0 points 2.0 rebounds), the French Poirier (1.3 points 1.0 rebound) and Mathias (4.8 points) among others.

The Lakers have a record of (7-3). They started the season losing to the Clippers, then in Game 4 against the Blazers and after hitting a four-game winning streak they lost to the Spurs. In their last game they beat the Bulls in a hurry.

The quintet is always the same as long as the physicality of the players allows it, with Schroder (14.9 points 4.8 assists) raising the ball, LeBron James (24.6 points, 8.4 rebounds and 7.8 assists) as master of ceremonies, and Caldwell-Pope (10.0 points 1.5 rebounds) to complete the outer pitchfork. Inside, Anthony Davis (22.4 points 9.1 rebounds 3.5 assists) determining, and Gasol (4.3 points 5.2 rebounds), who has quickly taken the role of wild card, although at the moment he is the starter who plays the least by far.

In the second row, two players stand out above the rest, Kuzma (10.6 points 4.0 rebounds) who alternates the starting bench when Caldwell-Pope cannot play, and Harrell (12.6 points 8.0 rebounds) who, as expected, is performing from the first moment . With Caruso (6.6 points 2.0 rebounds) missing games due to some ailments, Horton-Tucker (7.1 points 1.7 rebounds) has taken a step forward and is being important with almost 17 minutes on the court. Matthews (6.1 points 1.4 rebounds) on the outside, and Morris (4.2 points 4.4 rebounds) on the inside, complete the usual rotation.

At the bottom of the closet we find Dudley (0.5 point), McKinnie (2.8 points) and Cook (2.2 points).

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