Philadelphia Eagles 2020 Season Review • First and Ten

In a season of much disappointment over their four wins, the Eagles went through many changes, from the change of their starting quarterback to the firing of their HC Doug Pederson which brought them their only Super Bowl ring not so many years ago.

The 2020 Philadelphia Eagles Season

It was a very disappointing season, where on the court, especially the first weeks, there was not much intensity. His starting QB, Carson Wentz had a significant loss of play, leading in turnovers, finishing as the leader in interceptions with 15 in just 12 games. Plus Wentz had 10 fumbles and only 16 TDs on the season and the second-worst QBR in the league, behind only Sam Darnold.

In general, both sides of the ball were bad, offensive productivity was greatly reduced and unable to move the ball, but defense was not an engine for the team either, to the point where Pederson decided to change QB because the team was simply no longer there. convinced of Wentz’s ability to make them win.

The change to Jalen Hurts was refreshing without a doubt, his ability to get out of the bag gave him variants on the offensive, he also saw himself without the fear that Wentz had already been carrying.

From a season where four games were won it is difficult to rescue much, because really three of those victories were against bad teams and somewhat diminished by injuries, but the last one, at least, was against one of the best defenses in the league, the from New Orleans, although obviously without their starting QB Drew Brees.

The Eagles’ 2020 season MVP

Brandon Graham – DE

He was one of the few committed players this season. His stats weren’t spectacular either, but at least the intensity earned him the team’s sack leader with 8 and the Pro Bowl. He also landed 2 FF and 1 FR, as well as 16 hits to the QB.

The best moment of the Eagles 2020 season

The win against the Giants in Week 7. Wentz looked like he was coming back, had his best game of the season throwing the touchdown pass that would win the game. Despite having thrown a bad interception, Wentz vindicated himself and made the game for his team, giving hope.

The worst moment of his 2020 season

We could get a list, Wentz had a terrible game against Green Bay for example and that ended his season. However, the award must be given to Doug Pederson in week 17, when he took out Jalen Hurts for no apparent reason, giving away the game, climbing a few positions in the Draft. He was embarrassing and betrayed his players.

What is expected in the 2021 season?

It’s still too early, but I would venture to say that the Eagles will once again be the worst team in the NFC East. There is a process of rebuilding on defense, many pieces are needed and it is not known who will be his coach or his starting QB for the following season.

This was the analysis of the 2020 Season of the Philadelphia Eagles. What did you think of their performance in the campaign? We read you in the comments.

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