Phil Spencer: Our goal is not to sell more consoles than competition

Microsoft is not out to sell more consoles than competitors Sony and Nintendo. That reports Xbox CEO Phil Spencer.

He tells this in an interview with Gary Whitta. Spencer was recently a guest on Animal Talking, Whitta’s talk show that is hosted entirely within Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

“If (selling more consoles than Sony and Nintendo) were our goal, we wouldn’t be releasing our games on PC,” said Spencer. “We wouldn’t release our games on Xbox One, we wouldn’t launch xCloud so people can play games on their phones.”

Spencer again emphasizes that Microsoft is more focused on providing services to gamers, such as Game Pass and the upcoming xCloud. All Xbox One and Series X games from Microsoft also appear on PC.

Although the company does not want to emphasize sold consoles, it will release the Xbox Series X sometime in November of this year. Rumors have it that a less powerful version of the console, called Xbox Series S, should also launch, but this has not yet been confirmed. Recently, the main launch game for the upcoming console, Halo Infinite, was delayed to 2021.

The entire talk show with Spencer as a guest can be viewed below.

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