Phatra Asset Management increases investment options for SSF foreign stocks offered for sale 16 Feb. ’21

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Kiatnakin Phatra Asset Management Increase investment options Launch of SSF offering for sale of foreign equity funds based on 3 main investment themes ‘Technology – Aged Society – Environment’ with tax deduction privileges.

Mr. Yuttaphon Laplamool Managing Director Kiatnakin Phatra Asset Management Company Limited disclosed that the company is preparing to sell savings units (SSF) of KKP Open-end Fund GLOBAL THEMATIC OPPORTUNITIES – HEDGED (KKP G-THEME-H) As of February 16, 64, the fund has an investment model in the Foreign Master Fund (FIF) and has a business strategy based on the world‘s changing trends such as technology, aging society. And environment

In this regard, KKP G-THEME-H fund offering is for saving or using the KKP G-THEME-H-SSF It is an increase in investment policy of funds in the investment unit category for savings to cover more than the existing 10 funds in order to increase investment options for investors. It allows investors to diversify their investments in a variety of assets. And mix and manage investment portfolios according to acceptable risk levels and meet long-term investment goals

For an investment perspective, in 2021, Yuthapol said the MSCI AC World stock market index rose 4.52% from the start of the year to the present. This continued from the previous year, which increased 14.33% on the back of several positive factors in late 2020, including the start of production and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in several countries, the US election results at Democrats have a majority in both houses.

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“Such factors Helping the issuance of US fiscal stimulus It is likely easier and has a higher value than previously forecast. And continue to forecast a better global economic recovery. Including the trend that inflation is likely to increase accordingly. This is reflected in investment flows from low risk assets such as cash and gold into global stock markets, ”said Yuttapol.

Kiatnakin Phatra Asset Management Looking at investing in the world stock market Especially investing in stocks that will benefit from a new consumption model and long-term economy. Tends to continue to grow This is because the performance of the companies in these stocks still has a better long-term growth rate than the old business segment. Together with the high liquidity in the system and the trend of capital flows into risky assets in line with the global economic recovery trend, it will continue to support the world stock market to continue to rise.

Kiatnakin Phatra Asset Management Co., Ltd. therefore presents KKP G-THEME-H-SSF Fund As an alternative
Thai investors have the opportunity to diversify their long-term investments in foreign stocks in the new business sector. Investors who are interested in investing can learn about tax benefits and investment conditions in Savings Fund or SSF from the Investment Fund for Savings Manual.

For investors interested in KKP G-THEME-H-SSF Fund Can request a prospectus A guide to investing in mutual funds for savings And more information at Kiatnakin Phatra Bank, all branches or KKP Contact Center Tel. 02 165 5555 and Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Tel. 02 305 9559 or Or a sales and repurchase sponsor who has been appointed according to the prospectus

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