Phasmophobia: how to get insurance money

Phasmophobia Players face a wide variety of paranormal forces in the game. At the end of a hunt in Phasmophobia, players earn money for completing different objectives and collecting evidence. The more money they make, the better the team they can afford for the next contract. This means that players must budget for the materials they need to complete a job and earn as much money as possible while limiting their risk.

With this aspect of the game comes a commonly misunderstood feature for new players of Phasmophobia: insurance payments. This category on the contract payment screen can be difficult to understand. For those seeking to understand insurance in Phasmophobia, this guide is here to help.

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Equipment and insurance in phasmophobia

After selecting a location to hunt a ghost, players must choose what equipment they think they will need to meet the challenge. The selection of items may vary depending on what kind of ghost they find in Phasmophobia. Once additional items are added to a player’s loadout, insurance becomes a part of the search. If a player goes to work with additional equipment and dies, he will be partially compensated for the lost equipment through this insurance.

This applies to items that players bring with them for that selected job. They lose those items but, depending on the difficulty, a percentage of the cost of the lost items is returned to them. This is how insurance works in the game.

Fortunately, Phasmophobia always provide players with items such as EMF reader, flashlight, photo camera, video camera, spirit box, and ghost writing book. Therefore, players are not doomed to the next hunt, even if they die on a job. Insurance and play give them a fighting chance to rearm for the next location.

Insurance misconceptions in phasmophobia

Due to how connected insurance payments are to the death of a player, some have assumed that dying is actually a profitable experience in Phasmophobia. In reality, insurance only provides compensation for items added to a mission and only returns 50% of their value on hobbyist missions. For those who play intermediate missions, the payout is even lower – just 25%. AND having in PhasmophobiaProfessional difficulty it means there are no insurance payments at all.

It should be noted that when a player dies, although their items will disappear for the next hunt, they are still available for their teammates to use. These items will exist until the investigation is complete. Fortunately, as long as the players live, they will have their items available on their next quest. This is true even if the players leave their equipment in the haunted place when they escape.

Phasmophobia is available on PC.

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