Phase two of the opening begins in New York

“I wouldn’t say we made it, but it definitely feels that way right now!” – Lydia Lerner toasts with three friends, they are sitting in front of the “Miriam” restaurant, for the first time in what feels like an eternity. The Restaurants in Park Slope, Brooklyn put their tables on the sidewalk and on the street this Monday. Now it’s officially allowed, and New Yorkers come to sit in the sun and eat. Some tables are far apart – some are not.

Today is the first day of phase two of the reopening and many people feel something like relief. In the former epicenter of Coronavirus-Pandemic Ten people died that day as a result of Covid-19. Less than one percent of the tests for the coronavirus had a positive result. On April 7, 806 people died of Covid-19 in a single day. There were a total of 17,636 deaths in the city from the virus, and a further 4,685 deaths are likely due to it, according to authorities.

In this second of a total of four phases of reopening, clothing stores, places of worship and hairdressers are allowed to reopen under certain conditions. Hundreds of thousands of people can return to their offices if companies ensure they are separated. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo made a concession to the suffering catering industry. Because that the restaurants are allowed to put the tables outside was actually only planned for the next phase. More and more restaurants had disregarded the rules in recent weeks. The authorities did next to nothing. Politicians are now looking to stimulate the fallow economy. The areas that can open in the first two phases make up the majority of the city’s economic life, according to the mayor. The subway already has almost a third more passengers than a few weeks ago; traffic to Manhattan increased by twenty percent.

People now have to make smart decisions for themselves

New Yorkers should continue to wear masks where it is not possible to keep their distance. They have been able to meet in groups of up to ten people since May 22nd. It is now important that people make smart decisions themselves, warned Governor Andrew Cuomo, who will no longer hold daily press conferences on the corona virus for the time being. The head of government, previously not popular with everyone because of his business-friendly policies, had gained undreamt-of popularity during the crisis. For many New Yorkers, his daily appearances were fixed points in the isolation monotony. “Reminder: It’s Saturday,” she informed a fade-in next to him, somewhat humorous, and you could always count on uplifting wisdom when you switched on Cuomo. In the crisis, the true character of a person will be revealed, he assured, and the New Yorkers are particularly “tough”. Who wouldn’t like to hear that on those long days when sitting around felt anything but heroic?


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