Pharmacist, e-health, Croatian university … All these local initiatives against medical deserts

In the lot

An alert for citizens

When the vaccination requirement for healthcare workers goes into effect in September 2021, some of the Lot practitioners refuse to undergo it and thus leave their patients abandoned. Neither one nor two, Jean Rigal, who lives in Caillac, goes up with other residents in the collective of abandoned patients. “We have alerted the municipalities, the ARS, the prefecture, the CPAM [caisse primaire d’assurance maladie]… “ The collective quickly became the local branch of the Citizens’ Association Against Medical Deserts (ACCDM). “We have won some battles, for example for people with disabilities gathered in a center in Cahors to have a doctor”, he continues. But to regret that it took “make a scandal”. Next step for the ACCDM: to support the regulation of the settlement of doctors before the working group of the National Assembly.

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In the Hérault

A pharmacist to the rescue

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