Pfizer vaccine is really cool! Injecting 1.2 million Israeli people is 94% effective.

Study resultsCoronavirus Vaccine 2019 (COVID-19) At a US pharmaceutical company Pfizer Developed in collaboration with German pharmaceutical company Bion Tech with 1.2 million people in Israel. It was found that if tearing 2 doses can reduce the number of asymptomatic infections by 94% with people of all ages. And reduce the number of severely ill at a similar rate

The numbers are also close to the results of last year’s study. At Pfizer and Biontec, their vaccine is 95% effective.

If injecting only one dose A study of 1.2 million people also showed that it was effective in reducing the number of asymptomatic infections at 57% after two weeks of injection.

The person doing the study was the Kalit Research Institute in Israel. And published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday (Feb. 24).

However, this study did not emphasize that Pfizer and Biotech vaccines were also more effective in preventing it.Coronavirus 2019 new strains (SARS-CoV-2) One kind of mutant At the moment the epidemic is severe in South Africa. When compared with other vaccines

Israel began vaccinating its citizens on Dec. 19 last year, and nearly half of the 9 million people had received their first dose of the vaccine, while another third had received two doses.


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