Peugeot 508 SW hybrid: elegant and now also plug-in hybrid – Tests and News

They will certainly not make the market numbers of suvs and crossovers, but who said that station wagons have gone out of fashion? All nostalgics will have at least one life memory linked to a family car, but woe to define it as a vintage and outdated bodywork,

On balance, even this year the numbers in Italy show the trend of preferences towards SUVs and crossovers whose market share in the first nine months is almost ten times higher than that of stations. We are not speaking, however, of a niche market, but simply of a different choice. The customer of the family members is indeed looking for space – as for SUVs – but requires a more comfortable ride and a decidedly different design.

Peugeot focuses on this particular segment with the new 508, which is now making its debut – also in its family variant – in a plug-in hybrid version.
We tested it for Ansa Motori with a 1.6 hybrid 225 hp petrol engine combined with an e-EAT8 automatic transmission, in the GT Line set-up.
Striking, at first glance, certainly for the elegance of the lines (as for the thermal ‘twin’) and a fluidity in the sleek design that tends to lower at the rear, giving it almost a coupĂ© appearance.

With its 4.75 meters in length and just 1.40 in height, the 508 SW manages to offer a unique ride comfort, focusing on a spacious interior and a boot of 487 liters, among the best in its category and which loads up to two meters long.

Comfort, or rather e-comfort: the soul of 508 SW is contained in this word. The well-being of drivers and passengers is put at the center.
From the i-cockpit for greater ergonomics and a direct feeling with the car, passing through the complete soundproofing of the passenger compartment, the driver assistance systems and even the interior lighting, nothing is left to chance and everything converges in one relaxing and stress-free driving experience.
The hybrid version is distinguished by dedicated badges on the bodywork and a LED positioned on the upper part of the windscreen that lights up blue when traveling in electric mode.
The cockpit is elegant and refined, the interiors are meticulously detailed, and the seats are like AGR-certified armchairs for maximum ergonomics. There is no shortage of space and even behind you travel well.
The 10 ” capacitive touchscreen provides access to driving parameter settings and hybrid system information. It is thus possible to consult the real-time distribution of energy flows, driving statistics, battery parameters and the activation of the e-Save program, the one that allows you to save power, saving it for later use.
Lots of space inside, with the presence of numerous storage compartments: hidden under the center console, the wireless charging surface and two USB sockets to connect your smartphones. Mirroring is guaranteed by system compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
With a button located next to the gear lever it is possible to select one of the four driving programs: electric, to travel up to 135 km / h, Hybrid, where the car wisely ‘doses’ the intervention of the engines, electric and petrol, to maximum efficiency; Sport that uses all the power of the hybrid system, and comfort, for those looking for a sweet and soft response from the car.
The test version for Ansa Motori is the GT Line with a 225 hp 1.6 hybrid engine combined with an e-EAT8 gearbox.
Thanks to the intelligent suspension, the roughness of the road is not perceived and the ride is agile and comfortable.

Taking advantage of all the 225 HP of the hybrid engine, the response of the car becomes more prompt: as soon as you press the accelerator pedal, the 1.6 turbo also comes into operation, which makes its thrust feel, going from 0 to 100 km / h in 8 , 3 seconds, for a top speed of 240 km / h. The steering is precise and the e-EAT8 gearbox is smooth and has immediate response. The electric range also exceeds 50 km while in normal mode the average consumption is around 71 km with one liter.
The Adas complete the package and increase the driver’s well-being, supporting him while driving. The latest generation systems are available on board including the night vision, very useful for signaling the presence of obstacles on the road at night.

The price of this version is 50,080 euros which become 58,100 by adding various options including black leather interior, the night vision, the 7.4 kw on-board charger, the Focal system, at the top of its category, and the roof. panoramic.


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